Last Day of the Challenge

Well this is it. The last full day of the Paleo Challenge.

We hope that you’ve all gained something from the last 6 weeks. Whether it’s a new outlook on food and nutrition, a smaller waist size, new PRs in the gym or just some yummy recipes. You have all put in a lot of time and effort into changing the way you eat and you should be proud of yourselves for stepping up and joining the challenge.

Just because the challenge is coming to an end our hope is that you will all at least take away some good habits and maybe even change your lifestyle for good. We have seen first hand how living this kind of Paleo/Primal lifestyle can change people for the better. With every challenge we do people see huge changes in themselves, and at the end of every challenge we are blown away by the progress.

The longer you adopt this way of eating the easier it becomes. It really is a challenge for the first little while but after a period of time you will one day realize that you’re not even thinking about it anymore, that this is just the way it is. The cravings fade, you forget there is a bread aisle in the grocery store and you will no longer know where the canned or boxed anything is. Your body will thank you.

Huge congratulations to all of you for sticking it out, pushing through the ups and down, cravings and strange Paleo nightmares. We thank you all for participating and allowing us to introduce this lifestyle to you.

Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar – You’ve been doing it for 6 weeks and we hope you continue! This may be the end of the challenge but it’s just the beginning of the rest of your Paleo life.

Who's going to continue with Paleo after today?

Who’s going to continue with Paleo after today?


Today’s recipe brought to you by

Turkey Stuffed Mushrooms with Herbed Mayonnaise

***Don’t forget you have to complete your benchmark WODs by Friday***



Paleo Family

You have been eating the Paleo way for almost 6 weeks now. At this point *hopefully* you’re prepared to continue with the Paleo lifestyle after the challenge ends. The question is, is your spouse/family on board with you? Do you want them to change their ways so they can reap all the same benefits you’ve had over the last few weeks but you’re not sure how to get them there? Click the link below for a few ideas on how you can make the transition a little easier for them. Rather than go cold turkey there are some things you can gradually change over a period of time.

11 Clever ways to help your family go Paleo

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The Scoop on Poop

Did you know your poo can tell you a lot about your health? Did you know that our modern toilet design does not support a good pooing position and can cause issues?

Watch the video below from Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness and get learnin’ ’bout pooin’

Now that you’re ‘in the know’ you can now get your very own Squatty Potty which is specially made for fitting around your toilet and helping you get into poosition.

Happy Monday of the last week of the Paleo Challenge!


Last Week of the Challenge

There is only 1 more week of the Paleo Challenge! The official end is next Friday Oct 25 at 11:59pm.

We are offering the Body Composition tests again next weekend Oct 26 and 27, there is a sign up sheet at the gym. Cost is $25 and must be paid before your name goes on the list. If you had it done before the challenge you’ll definitely want to do it again post challenge to see how your numbers may have changed.

Benchmark WODs will also need to be repeated sometime between Monday and Friday next week. Same as last time, register as normal for your class and let the coach know when you arrive that you’ll be doing the Paleo WODs. You will have the whole class to warm up and get both benchmarks done. Rest as needed in between and make sure you record your score in your Paleo Journals.

Even though this is the last week for the challenge itself I hope that rather than looking at it as an end you look at it as a beginning to continuing the good habits you’ve established over the last few weeks. What new habits have you formed in the last few weeks? What do you think you’ll continue to do after the challenge is over?

You are all well on your way down the road to creating good habits!

You are all well on your way down the road to creating good habits!


It seems so simple, why didn’t we think of this before?

Bacon and Basil Avocado A.K.A Baconado


1/2 ripe avocado
1 strip crispy bacon, crumbled (I used an uncured Neiman Ranch chipotle bacon)
2-3 leaves of fresh basil, chiffonaded (aka, rolled up and sliced thin)


Put bacon and basil on avocado.  Eat.  Yea, I know, it’s like directions on a pop-tart.  So this section isn’t completely useless, I will say that I wished I had mashed the avocado in its skin a little bit before topping it with the bacon and basil.  This would have allowed for me to eat it more easily and with a more even distribution of toppings in each bite.

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Today’s yumminess is brought to you by Mark’s Daily Apple … Enjoy!

Spiced Pork and Butternut Squash with Sage



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