Day 2

How is everyone doing so far? Any withdrawal symptoms yet?

Keep up the great work! Remember, if you have any questions, post them here. I’m sure there are others that would benefit from the answers.

Feel like killing someone yet?

11 responses to “Day 2

  • Andy

    Ok, so far no desire to kill anyone but I did cave in and bought a coffee yesterday afternoon.

    Its early on, but I’m actually excited when I look at all the food in the fridge 😉 I was originally worried about limited choices.

    Would love to hear what people think about eggs? Should they be limited to 6/week as the book says or should we just limit the yolks?

    I’ve had eggs the last 2 breakfasts so not sure…

  • Kevin

    There are things in the book that shouldn’t be taken as gospel. Eggs are one of them. I’ve been having success with 2-3 eggs per day (for the past 2 years).

    Eat up!

  • Marc T

    So far so good for me. I think the weekend will be the hardest time.
    Hopefuly eggs are good, as I’m planning on eating them daily too.

    Ask us in a week how it’s going, hehe.

  • Andy

    Thanks Eddie! I see they poo-poo bacon too so havent had any. Thoughts?

  • Marc H.

    Thank god, I’m eating 3 jumbo eggs per morning. I’m a little hungry right now but I’ll suck it up.

  • Jamie

    I had eggs for the third time since starting CrossFit yesterday. Haven’t eaten them since I was a kid. I was pretty hungry Tuesday morning and I figured it wouldn’t kill me. I put some olive oil in a frying pan with mushrooms, green and red peppers, green onions, garlic and bacon and than put in two eggs. It wasn’t that bad!

    Started Monday with a headache and it last until I woke up this morning. I was feeling pretty good until I finsihed today’s WOD 🙂

  • Cathy

    Hi everyone, I have also had a headache this week but I figure it is the withdrawal from my normal 4 coffees a day!! I have not really been that hungry this week but being away on holidays my workouts have been pretty tame. I expect I will be alot hungrier next week when I am actually doing something. Good job getting the eggs down Jamie…see everyone soon.

    • Pierre

      For sure reducing your amount of caffeine intake will give you headache!!
      But keep fighting it and after 2-3 days you will be fine!

      And BTW Eggs are good for you guys, so don’t worry about it… I am eating something 6 per day and I feel good but it depends on your body type…

  • Andy

    Things are still going very well. Havent had any cravings, but have had one black coffee/day. Managed to catch Ed’s flu and was in bed for last 2 days. I think I lost 10lbs 🙂 so we will have to keep that in mind in the end. I am in Florida at a convention so staying on plan has been a challenge, but have been able to make good choices despite the temptations (everywhere!)

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