Most of you have picked up your copy of the Paleo Diet book.

I highly recommend that you start reading at Chapter 7. The beginning (Ch.1-6) is all about the “why”. Chapter 7 is the “how”, which most of you need to get started.

Hope you’re keeping your journals up-to-date. I’ve heard about some cheating going on already (which is fine, no one is perfect), but just make sure you highlight it in your journal.


3 responses to “Book

  • Marcel

    Hey Kevin just back from vacation so I will pick up the book on Monday. One question I have is when you eat a salad, do you list all ingredients or just salad in your journal and what if one of the ingredients in the salad is not on the diet — do we highlight the ingredient or the salad?

    Last week was crappy for the diet, but it really started Sunday night (March 7th for me) can’t wait to be back at the gym!

  • Kevin

    You can just put the type of salad (garden, greek, etc) and under it, list the non-paleo ingredients. Sound good?

  • Marc H.

    Hungry! Hungry! Hungry! took a tablespoon of pure almond butter. Damn that was good

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