CrossFit and Paleo in the news


3 responses to “CrossFit and Paleo in the news

  • Jamie

    Anyone notice their energy levels back up this last couple of days? I pretty much hit rock bottom Friday and things have turned around since than. I did a 5km run yesterday got a PR by 1:20 minutes!

    The weekends are hard for me not to cheat. Pretty busy on the weekends and it’s due to a lack of meal planning. I can totally feel a difference in the way my body feels after meal I am suppose to have compared to one that is not on the challenge. Some of my meal records aren’t great, but I am writing it all down.

  • Marc H.

    After today’s workout, I find my energy level boosted high sky because damn that was hard. But man I feel way more energetic around the house. But like I told you tonight Jamie, spending a little more time at the bathroom then before lol. Can’t wait to see the end result. I’m planing on continuing the diet after but maybe a little less strict.

  • Cathy

    I thought that my energy has been pretty consistent but Peter (my husband) tells me I have more energy then usual! I went for a run today after CF and for the first time in a very long time I was able to do a kilometer under 5 minutes so I was really happy with that.

    I have been eating a ton of food though and am really never hungry. Although, I have also found the weekends a little rough, once I have my cheat meal I find that I really crave sugar. Thanks for sharing boys 🙂

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