And so it begins…

The gym was packed with members scribbling notes in their new journals. Taking in every bit of information possible. Asking questions to get the most bang for their buck. And then sent off into the night, to hunt and gather their food for their new way of eating.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the info session. I hope you came away with some useful information. I would suggest doing a kitchen makeover this week/weekend so you won’t be tempted my anything when the challenge starts. Clear the cupboards of any snack food that might taunt you. Dump the milk that will be chanting your name. And start making changes now. Don’t wait until Monday.

Please use this site as a resource and a place to collaborate with each other. You know what the power of a group can do in the gym, let’s see what it can do outside the gym.

Time to say bye-bye to this stuff!


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