Paleo products for those that need a starchy taste. Items are available from Rebecca Bilodeau, the Holistic Dietitian, on 1067 Champlain St. in Dieppe.

– Kelp “Noodles” – made only from Kelp. Kelp is a sea vegetable, rich in minerals (esp. iodine) and contain no carbohydrates/sugar. These are “angel hair noodles” that are quick and easy to make. They require no cooking, just add to any dish (stir-fry, soup) or add a sauce and they`re ready to eat. Don`t have a ‘seaweed’ taste but rather a neutral taste allowing for a variety of uses.   $8.49 for a 16 oz package

– Kale “Chips” – come in 2 flavors “Habanero Ranch” and “Cheesies”. (Basic ingredients of each flavor: Kale, cashews, lemon jucie, nutritional yeast, miso, vinegar, garlic, spices, sea salt). Munch on these just as one would chips except get a ton of nutrition – No carbs, No sugar. $12.32 for 3 oz package

– Sundried Tomato and Chia Seed “Crackers” – (Ingredients: tomatoes, flaxseed, chia seed, onions, lemon juice and sea salt).  High-fibre, Calcium-rich, Omega-3 rich, No Carbs, no Sugar.  $8.55 for 125g package


12 responses to “Yummy!

  • Mel

    I have a question Kevin. There are a lot of recipes that use almond flour as a substitute for regular flour, but these all seem to call for a bit of baking soda…is that an acceptable food for our challenge?

  • Kevin

    Baking soda is alright.

  • Gerard

    Hey Kevin what is the recipe for the PALEO bars that you were saying were so good ?

  • Kevin

    Gabrielle has the recipe. Post on the main site to see if she can bring in a sheet.

  • kerry

    also, what about lemon or lime in water? can it be a splash of the juice, a wedge or none at all?

    • Kevin

      Absolutely! I highly encourage everyone to have a glass of water with lemon first thing in the morning. It’s a proven way to kick-start your metabolism.

    • Gabriel

      I substituted my morning coffee for hot water with a fresh lemon wedge. It’s not coffee but that will do for now.

  • krista

    i missed my cup of warm decaf herbal tea this morning in a chilly office – tomorrow i will have to bring lemon to put in hot water instead.

  • Angela

    Well it is Day 1 and I ate turkey for the first time in 3 years today….Being a vegetarian, I knew this challenge would be a lot more difficult, so I sucked it up, made turkey chilli, and surprisingly..it was ok….But that’s where I draw the line….Nothing with 4 legs!!!! 🙂

  • Stephg

    Random question are we allowed to have flour if it’s almond..

  • Heidi

    Like Gabriel, I also substituted my morning coffee for hot lemon, and it was fine. The comfort of a hot drink was all I needed. I also tried spegetti squash for the first time. Served it with fresh homemade tomato sauce. Thanks to to Steph on posting this one. It was great, and now I’ve discovered a new veggie that the whole family enjoyed. Day 1 is over…bring one day 2.

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