Water and journals

People have been asking about water. Please keep note of how much you’ve had. You can either write it down throughout the day, or just put a total at the end of each day.


Hilroy is a liar! They say there’s 80 pages, but there’s really only 40 (which has 2 sides).

Anyway, take a look at the picture below from a sample journal. If you could log your food and WODs like that for the rest of the challenge, that would be awesome! Thank you so much!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

48 days to go!


9 responses to “Water and journals

  • Chantal

    Is a splitting headache beginning when you wake up and lasting all day normal for day 2 as a detox symptom!??? I expect to feel crappy at first, how long can it last?

    • Kevin

      Tell me what you ate on the weekend leading up to today….

      I’m guessing it included eating all the junk that was in the house? Maybe?

      Many people had headaches, fatigue, muscle soreness, etc for up to 2 weeks. Stick with it! It just shows how much your body was dependent on sugar.

  • kerry

    you’re not alone… 😦 i tend to feel better after day 3.

  • Chantal L

    Day 3 for me… and woke up this morning feeling soooooo tired, even tho I had the same sleep pattern a usual… and now @ work with a headache..

  • Kevin

    Looking back at the last challenge, Jamie had a headache for 3 days and Cathy for a week.

    Trust me, it gets better!

  • Andy

    I am keeping an electronic journal. And no headache this time!

  • kerry

    quick question on the water…do you need an amount in litres or just to note every time we have a glass of water?

    also, we are to log all exercise, not just our crossfit workouts, correct?

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