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30 responses to “Stars!

  • Matt

    Day 3 is feeling better…still not easy

  • Chantal F

    Headache is better than yesterday… My energy is already better throughout the day but wake up some tired in the morning!!! Like I can’t get enough sleep… (I usually get up without the alarm…)

    Did do a Zumba class last night and thought I was going to pass out near the end… Very light headed…

  • Stephg

    My energy level was extremely high since I started the challenge, until today and last night..I had a huge headache and muscle soreness. Looking in my book maybe those are partly due to dehydration .. Only drank a bottle of water or two a day so far this week.. My weakness that I have to work on 😉

  • Jeff

    People were talking about the brownies again today … so here’s the recipe. They are so easy that even I can make them. Browse around the site too…. Lots of paleo recipes for you!

    Primal Almond Butter Brownies

  • Jeff

    Here’s another great site from a Crossfitting mom …..

  • Allison

    Jeff, did you use squash or pumpkin when you made the brownies?

  • Gabriel

    I think it safe to say that this challenge is what I will keep on doing. I love it!
    Not feeling crapy like after eating junk food and that for me is super. Also I have a much better felling of well being, faster recuperation time from whatever, and am not hungry like I use to be after eating lots.

    Keep on Paleoing!

  • Keitha

    Day 4… I am missing my Coke Zero! Other than that no cravings so far..

  • Gabriel

    Lots of Water or Sleep, what is more important? Is sleeping optional?
    What goes in, must come out and has no perfect timing hehehe

  • Angela

    Allison :Jeff, did you use squash or pumpkin when you made the brownies?

    Allison, I make these all the time and throw in a 1/2 cup of ground walnuts and pecans…really good. I have only ever used canned pumpkin mostly because I am too lazy to discect a squash 🙂

  • krista

    i’m feeling good so far, got a few new PRs and matching old PRs that i hadn’t hit in a while, and energy and sleep are good.

    but i’m REALLY hungry! is it from a lack of ‘fuller carbs’? i didn’t eat alot of carbs (i don’t think anyway, maybe 1, 2 servings a day) prior to the challenge – would that be the culprit?

  • Gerard

    Those “brownies” look decent dont know if I like pumpkin have never had it
    Gabrielle can you post the recipe for those bars Kevin has talked about

  • Stephg

    Nighttime is usually when I’m having a headache. I just blocked all the light from the bedroom hopefully this will affect my sleep quality. Thanks to everyone for the great recepies, keep them coming 😉

  • Chantal F

    Made it through my first big challenge day… PD where the meal was provided (I brought my own…) and a dinner party tonight… warned the host before hand and she was very accomodating 🙂

  • Allison

    Today is the first day that I’m really craving BAD foods. Yesterday I felt tired, but my energy level is up today. I just wish I could have some chips, chocolate and maybe some fast food, but instead I will eat chicken, carrots, almonds and lots of fruit. This weekend will be my biggest challenge, although I do have my cheat meal tomorrow… watch out Pizza Delight:)

  • Angela

    I would kill for a drink of wine! This weekend is going to be a huge challenge! I am seeing Bret Michaels tonight (the biggest challenge will be to not jump on stage!) in Halifax, then going to a wedding tomorrow in Fredericton, then thanksgiving in Miramichi. Long road trip so I packed the car with nuts, fruit, and paleo muffins to help. The food won’t be the problem for me this weekend, it’ll be the wine!!!!!!

  • Keitha

    Still missing my coke zero.. what are the coffee drinkers doing? having one and marking it or none at all?? I don’t drink coffee or tea so I guess my coke zero a day is like everyone missing coffee…

  • Heidi

    I’m with you Angela. Has anybody done any research that conclusively points to evidence that Grok didn’t have any Moose Light or a cask of merlot tucked away at the back of the cave? Really, it’s Friday night for crying out freakin’ loud. So uncivilized!

    As for the coffee cravings, I am a coffee drinker, but haven’t really missed it much. I’ve been content with hot lemon & hot mint water…who knew?

  • Steve-a-reeno

    I’m with Heidi on the coffee drinking. I’ve been going with hot water and lemon in the mornings. Though I’m missing the caffeine I have to say that I’m not missing the mood swings. Though I always like to dismiss the fact that I have them, the constancy of no caffeine or blood sugar peaks and troughs has left me quite relaxed. First three days this week I was a walking zombie though. Brain dead is how I sum up my Monday without coffee.

    As for the alcohol, I’ve been a tea toater (sp?) since for the last five years since the kids came along and there’s been a child permanently attached to Shelley’s breast. No fun drinking alone.

    Anybody know if Grok had the means to make that corn he picked and dried into Popcorn?

  • Keitha

    Happy Cheat day! um I mean Turkey day… this will be my cheat meal.. going to try to eat okay so I dont feel so bad about the cheesecake… Just to note for anyone trying to lose lbs. with paleo.. it works.. down 6lbs… 🙂

  • Keitha

    Thanks! lots more to go but its a start! 🙂

  • Angela

    so I blew it this weekend with the wine…one mildly lame wedding and 2 turkey dinners and a Bret Michaels’ concert…..may have consumed a few bottles or so 🙂 As far as food, I did fairly well, a piece of wedding cake and some pie with the turkey dinners…….back on track tomorrow. I miss CF the most – haven’t been able to go since Wed….can’t wait to get back at it tomorrow.
    Great job on the weight loss Keitha 🙂

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