Need flavor?

Here’s a list of Paleo condiments you can use during the challenge. Enjoy!


16 responses to “Need flavor?

  • Steph F.

    Here’s the recipe for the delicious paleo banana bread:

    You can buy your ground almonds at Bulkbarn on Trinity. It’s cheaper there than anywhere else.

  • Chantal F

    I’ve seen several sweet potato recipes in the Paleo cookbooks/web sites. Can we have sweet potatoes??? What about whole ademame? They are a vegetable aren’t they?

    • Kevin

      Taken from Robb Wolf’s “Paleo Solution” on the topic of produce…

      “You will focus more on veggies than fruit, especially if your goal is fat loss. Athletes and folks who are already lean can get away with more fruit and starchy tubers like yams and sweet potatoes.”

      For the purpose of the challenge, high starch produce is out.

      For comparison, let’s look at three vegetables…

      1 cup of sweet potato – 249 calories/58g of carbs
      1 cup of carrots – 54 calories/12g of carbs
      1 cup of squash – 36 calories/8g of carbs

      As for ademame, it’s just a raw soybean, which is not in Paleo. Sorry.

  • Gabriel

    Kevin, Alfafa. I know the seeds are legumes, but what about the leafs? Would they be OK?
    Also Chia seeds. Would these be considered Paleoable?

  • Gabriel

    Thanks Kevin, one more. Goji Berries. In or out?

  • Angela

    Is there a limit to almond butter? I have some almost everyday with carrots or celery. Then I use it to bake most of the time as well.

    • Kevin

      I wouldn’t be going over board with it. It’s a very high calorie product. If you think about all the almonds it would take to eat the equivalent, you probably wouldn’t be eating that many. Same reason as why juice is not recommended.

  • Heidi

    So here I am in week 2 of paleo. Up until now, I haven’t really had any really strong cravings, but lord love a duck….it’s a toss up what I want more right now…a piece of cheese or a chocolate chip cookie. Lord give me strength! Are cravings setting in for anyone else?

    • Stephg

      Yes, the cravings are present! I made a soup tonight I would of gave anything for a piece of home made bread.. It’s funny since Before tha challenge I thought I ate fairly well. As time goes buy I notice that I use food to reward some good behaviours for example I would treat myself to a capuchino for a long day of studying. I guess all the rewards ads up at the end of the week. So far for me their is more positive than negative; that’s why I left the chocolate brownies at the store! I’m assuming it will get easier as time goes on. It already is at least this week I don’t have any withdrawals symptoms other than cravings. 😉

  • krista

    i’m finding i look at the fridge and want some of the cheese in there that is now reserved for my husband only. i made the almond butter brownies last week, but really got grossed out on them after a few days of one or two here and there. i didn’t crave them, which i thought was funny. i look more forward to my apple with nuts and a few raisins or almond butter. i’m appreciating the juicy fruits and veggies much more. and although i kind of like my hot lemon in the morning, i do miss my herbal teas.

    keep up all the hard work, strength and determination everyone!

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