Cheats and Treats

Just a quick clarification to “cheats”. When I look at your journal, I will be counting seven days from the beginning and looking at the amount of cheats in that seven days. If you cheated once, it won’t count against you (as you’re allowed 1 per week – and still highlight it). Also, if you didn’t cheat at all during the seven day period, and you cheat twice during the next seven days, one of them will count against you. I hope that makes sense.

Also, please read this blog post about how Paleo can make you fat.

Dangerous Muffins!


21 responses to “Cheats and Treats

  • Gerard

    Way to go to everyone who hasn’t cheated! I’ve cheated….a few times, but never anything major which to me is a huge improvement. Like yesterday for example it was the girls last game of the season and so we bought them timbits. I had one yes but it was a plane cake one and I didnt wash it down with a large coffee and ten more timbits like I would normally do!! I have realized I like apples. They’re good, who knew. So those of you who havent cheated Kutos but to those of you making huge strides but nt being perfect Kutos too ! I’ll be back in the gym next week after a trip to Philly this weekend to see the Flyers, Phillies, and Eagles play and yes I will have a Cheese Steak but I’ll think of all my fellow PALEOrs while I cheat

  • Heidi

    Stupid question…are we allowed a full cheat meal, with several cheat items in it per week, or just 1 cheat item? I can pack a pile of cheats in 1 weekly meal.

  • krista

    i had my first unplanned cheat today. i had my open meal last week as planned. but today i caved and had some japanese dumplings from sobeys – and man did my body ever object. lesson learned. and yes, i’m with gerard, apples ARE tasty!

    like Steph said in a previous post, i’ve realized that i too make food a reward for good deeds/behavior. now that i’m logging everything i’m much more accountable. last night i REALLY wanted to treat myself as i had a really stressful shitty week so far and a shitty hard workout that made me cry and was down in the dumps and wanted a pick me up. i ran into Raychell at the supermarket later, and we decided to go out for dinner – and i kept my cool, i had steamed veg, salad and salmon. and i felt much better for it!

  • Tracy S

    Great article.
    I’m not doing the challenge but have been following the Paleo diet since last spring and have been ‘somewhat’ strict with it for the past couple of months now. After experimenting a bit over the summer, I find now that it’s just not worth eating the non-paleo foods (especially bread, rice, etc.)… and sugar craving are completely gone, so have no desire to eat sweet treats. I did sample a couple (well, maybe of a few more than a couple) of paleo “treats” last weekend… they were good, but my stomach was not happy for a couple of days after. So, yes they might make you gain weight if you eat too many… but will also make you feel like crap! So, lesson learned, will now do like the article suggests and stick to the ‘occassional’ one treat (will freeze the rest for another day)
    … Good luck to everyone in the challenge.. It’s not easy starting out, but it will get easier! Really.

  • Chantal F

    Great article… I had a 3 pound weight loss week one but nothing week 2. Of course, I get discouraged fast which is my greatest weakness and the reason why I have yet to be at my desired weight… 😦 I’m thinking of my portion sizes and fear if I eat less I won’t have much energy… I already feel like I’m eating as much as a pigeon!! Kevin, would you be able to glance at my journal today?

    On the flip side…. I tried ring dips with the green band last week and could barely crank out 3 in a row and yesterday did 10 and 8 in a row. Woohooo!!!! Yeah for me πŸ™‚

    Good luck on the weekend fellow Paleo challengers!!! Weekends are my greatest obstacle!!

    • Kevin

      Ya, bring in your journal and I’ll take a look.

      Did you go for a body composition test with Rebecca? Weight loss and fat loss are two separate things. You should be much more concerned about the composition rather than the number on a scale.

      This goes for anyone stepping on the scale…don’t beat yourself up over small gains or losses. Your emotions play a huge part in health and fat loss. Cortisol is a stress hormone that may hinder fat loss. If you’re constantly worried about 1-2lbs on the scale, you’re working against yourself. Fat loss is a slow process. Some people have the metabolism to burn fat quickly, and for others, it will take time.

      My new challenge to everyone is to hide your scale for the remainder of the challenge. Actually, just throw it away. Progress should only be measured by pant sizes and body composition tests. So what are you waiting for. Go chuck it in the trash!

  • Steph F.

    I agree with Kevin, you can’t thrust your scale anymore since you are gaining muscle everyday with Crossfit. Last week I got on the scale and was surprise to see that I had gain 4 pounds, although I feel that I lost fat; I can feel it in my clothes. So don’t be discouraged with the numbers on your scale! The important is that you feel better everyday and healthier.

    I also have trouble with not cheating, but so far, I think I did pretty well. I crave for mac&cheese, but instead I have spaghetti squash and I’m good for the week. I also have a lot of hot water with lemon juice to resist to the temptation of a good cup of tea or coffee!

    I also noticed that I have more energy than before. I’m always studying and I use to take naps during the day, but not anymore, even without coffee! I also had a few PR’s at the gym πŸ™‚

    Good job everyone, it will get easier as we develop new habits and it’s really worth it! πŸ™‚

  • Angela

    Today I got into the “skinny jeans” that did not do up on October 3 (well they did but it required laying down on the bed, and trying to pull the zipper up with a pair of pliers)….and this morning, they went on with ease and are actually a little loose in the wasit. As for cheating, my weakness is wine! I haven’t cheated since last weekend, and this weekend is going to be another huge test. I find paleo is changing my mindset – I look at the foods I used to eat, and think “skinny jeans”,, and it’s not worth it.
    As for the muffins and brownies, I have made both and usually have one a day, I never really thought much about it until now. guess I’ll have to back off them for a bit…..thanks for ruining my day with the muffin article Kevin πŸ™‚

  • Marc H.

    Almond meal is on sale at BulkBarn in Trinity. Save 3$ a lb.

  • kerry

    For me, cheating has to be REALLY worth it. I haven’t cheated so far, just my “reward meal” which is carefully planned by my girlfriends a week in advance. πŸ˜‰

    This is the first time that i actually have done paleo, but I’ve dappled in the world of low-carb before, and in my experience the sugar hangover is not worth it. With alcohol you come to expect a big head if you over-indulge, but you don’t expect it with sugar. The bloating and the discomfort from bread is not worth it either IMHO. This is the first time I’ve gone without dairy, but I wasn’t a big dairy person anyway. I do miss my coffee though…sigh.

    It’s only 7 weeks. I can do anything for 7 weeks. (<–mind over matter) Heck if Chilean miners can live trapped underground for 2 months, I can abstain from garbage food for less time than that, right?

    I got a body composition test and blood work done beforehand and I'm going back after the 7 weeks for a follow-up. Very curious to see the results. Meanwhile, having more weight to lose than a lot of others, I am already down 12lbs on the scale since I started (retained fluid mostly), and definitely see a difference in my overall body shape; some definition starting to shine through. My clothes are all getting loose…do I see a shopping spree in my future?? And a little less jiggle to my wiggle. πŸ˜›

    Energy has returned in full force, skin is clearer, and I dare say that my immune system must be in top shape because everyone around me seems to be sick and I don't have a sniffle.

    Feeling fantastic…scale going out the window…until Monday…I'm documenting my 7 week journey, so I'm taking all my measurements every Monday. πŸ™‚

    Best of luck everyone!!!

  • Chantal F

    Where is everyone??? No comments in 3 days!!!

    I “cheated” with the scale part of the challenge!!! I weighed myself Monday only to get disappointed .. AGAIN!!! No weight change, and that was after 4 hours of Zumba on Sunday!!! I am feeling incredibly stressed at work, totally craving junk food (that’s my food addiction kicking in) but have been turning to pears and apples instead. I’ve been faithful to the program except for my 1 allowed cheat/week and I’ve had a lousy 3 pound weight loss week 1 only 😦

    Just needed to vent 😦 Thanks for being there!!! I hope you are all still there!!!

    Sorry to be the downer of the group… Keep it up guys!!! And keep sharing the “success” stories, it keeps me going πŸ™‚

  • Gabriel

    Hey Chantal! Must mean that they are all on the Paleo Wagon.
    For me I defiantly see improvements but not so in my weight, just the feeling of well being as well as performance in WOD’s and Strength.
    I even recommended the diet to my family and friends.

    Keep on Paleoing!

  • Andy

    Guys thought I was subscribed to updates for this site but they havent been coming through, hence the delay in pitching in my 2 cents. Chantal, listen to Kevin and hang in there, weight loss or nor weight loss! For me the key to staying in control is to eat OFTEN. If i get hungry its too late. So I am eating 6x/day which is not natural nor easy for me. And I am the poster boy for this diet – did it the first time around in March of this year. Thanks to a miserable neck injury was only able to work out 6 times in 6 weeks. And I still lost 15 lbs! This time around I bought a scale with body fat %, water % and muscle % measurements. In two weeks I am down -10 lbs, -1.7% fat, up +1.4% water and up 1.4% muscle. Im not sure how accurate these scales are but I put more emphasis on these measures vs pounds. 5 weeks to go!

  • Andy

    oh yeah – and only been to Crossfit twice since we started and had a PR last night for front squats!

  • kerry

    way to go on the PR Andy!!

    i find i have to remind myself to eat regularly because my cravings seem to be under control. gone are all the sugar highs and sugar lows that once would get me to over-indulge.

    i buy a lot of “value-added” food (aka ready to go food), so that i can just throw things together in a hurry. i’ve been eating a lot of stir fries and a lot of soups and i’ve made chili twice…i think that’s due to the cold mornings creeping up on us. πŸ™‚ i have a ton of “snack” foods around…containers of berries, containers of nuts, chopped veggies, lots of fruit, leftovers, etc. i’ve been making sure that i always have a choice, so when i am hungry i can grab something quick. i haven’t eaten a salad yet, though i’ve been getting a lot of my dark green leafies in my stir fries and soup. πŸ™‚

    with my husband travelling for work and the kids’ extracurricular activities i can’t always fit a crossfit class into my day, so i’ve had to work on some things on my own. i’ve been getting out running 2-3 times a week and going to yoga once a week. of course i do try to score some babysitting at least twice a week to get in to crossfit as well. πŸ˜‰

    no caffeine has made bedtime a lot easier. i could always drink an extra large coffee and go right to sleep, but now without the caffeine i seem to fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. the sleep seems more restful too. i do miss my coffee during the day though. my mental clarity isn’t where it once was. maybe i need an afternoon nap. πŸ˜‰

    water intake is ok. i manage to get at least 2 litres in a day, but any more involves serious dedication. rebecca bilodeau suggested i should be drinking closer to 3 litres a day, and more if i’m exercising, but i find that water intake is something i have to work up to. i already get a lot of fluids from the food that i’m eating.

    30 days left, and i’m enjoying it, and will probably continue to eat this way through the end of the year to stave off any holiday poundage…though if i could have any one “contraband” item it would be coffee…winter carnival flavour is in season again and it is my FAVOURITE!!! πŸ™‚

  • krista

    so far the challenge has made me feel pretty good. i had a bit of a lull in energy for a bit, but u think that had more to do with everyday workload than the change in foods. i’m seeing improvements in my times the past week or so, and feeling pretty strong.

    this challenge has made me diversify my eating more which i like. i’ve been thinking of new combinations to try together, and been getting a wider variety of meat/fish/game the past week or so. although i’ve had a few ‘cheats’ (i just had to have a few nibbles of my husbands fried potatoes the other day to make sure they were done) i think i’ve stayed quite on track.

    the scale i have at home was my grandmothers from the 50s or so – so i don’t bother to check it as i’m not sure if it is accurate. i did do a body comp with rebecca just as we started the challenge and have another booked at the end. i’m really hoping that my lean mass has at least been stable, if not increased, as well as my water.

    keep up the good work everyone! it’s really all about the feeling of wellness!

    my mom has started to adopt paleo eating since i started as well. she’s got a short list of ailments and diagnosis that she’s hoping to mitigate and is really keen on the paleo idea once i told her about it and she read most the book.

  • Andy

    Just wanted to check in with everyone. How is everyone feeling? My energy levels have been awesome, and performance wise I am very happy. Really see a difference at hockey.

    Cravings are gone now…for my cheat meal the other day I had a hard time thinking of something bad to eat! But by no means have I been 100% strict. There are little slips everyday but I am a lot more healthy overall…

    Down 16lbs, -3% fat, +2.2% water, +2.2% muscle. Feel amazing!

  • Steph F.

    The challenge makes me feel pretty good too. I have new PR’s almost everyday at the gym! My energy levels are great, and I don’t need coffee anymore! However, I’m starting to find it more and more difficult not to cheat more than once a week. Halloween didn’t help with all the candies! But so far I have been able to resist. I know that this experience will help me to develop better habits in the future.
    Keep up the good work everyone!!

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