1 more week!

This is the home stretch. You can do it!

We will be doing the benchmark workouts this week to end the Paleo Challenge:

Thursday – Intro WOD
Friday – Row 1000m
Saturday – CrossFit Total

If you’re not going to be here on one of those days, you’ll need to let me know so we can schedule it sometime during this week. All three must be done before Saturday.

Breakfast on Saturday will be the last meal counted towards Paleo. After that, you’re free! I hope many of you will continue eating Paleo, as I’m sure you’ve seen results. Eating garbage food makes you feel like garbage, so hopefully that will be a deterrent.

If you decide to add dairy (not the low fat, skimmed shit) back in, please make note of how it affects your performance: worse, same, better. The same goes with anything you decide to add back in. If you see a negative effect, keep it out.

As always, if you have any questions down the road, please ask. It’s been awesome to see so many people take the challenge this time around. A male and female winner will be announced early next week while the judges tabulate the results.


12 responses to “1 more week!

  • Marc H.

    I’ll keep the paleo diet but I’ll have to drop the raw ham out of my diet. Too many complications after the consumption.

  • Steph F.

    I’ll keep it too, and I have to say that it’s a lot easier when your boyfriend eats well too! I will probably add some dairy products cause I love cheese too much!

    Good job everyone! It’s almost done!

  • Gabriel

    I’m sold on Paleo too. It has been quite a great eye opener for me. Never thought my energy level as well as my overall feeling of well-being could ever be this way. I am feeling at the best I have ever been. Even in my younger days I never felt this way.
    When I joined CrossFit, I joined to whip myself back into shape but never thought I would get a 2 for one deal. What a bargain!
    I will add a few things back and see if it has counter effects.
    My morning coffee and of course, Chocolate. Who can survive without the occasional Chocolates right?

    Keep on Paleoing!

  • Gerard

    Yeah although I havent been in the gym much lately I have tried to stick to the diet. I deffenitly am not super strict I cheat some and I have cheese once in awhile never any milk or cream or stuff like that. In thinking back though I deffenitly feel like i have some more energy not bouncing off the walls but just not that mid afternoon drop that I used to experience. I am interested to try and do the bench marks because I havent been to thr gym. I have lost almost 20 pounds and I am hoping it is mostly good weight and not muscle
    Way to go everyone
    I will deff stick to doing this prob 75%, its really not that bad and then the cheats/treats are so much better

  • Andy

    Definitely loving the results! But with a crazy travel/work schedule and lack of sleep, cravings coming back this week. Don’t think I’m eating enough either. Time to rally with 3 days to go 🙂

  • Andy

    Kev I won’t be able to make it Friday so can I do:
    Wed: 1000m row
    Thurs: intro wod
    Sat: CFT ??

  • krista

    i’m booked wed, thurs, friday but not saturday. i was thinking of dropping friday though as that’s 5 straight days for me. maybe i can do the CFT today as my strength? and double up on thursday with intro wod and row?

  • Kevin

    CFT and Intro today. Row tomorrow.

  • Chantal L.

    Hey Kevin, Could I do my CFT along with the rowing today?

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