Paleo cookies are still cookies

I’ve been hearing about all the success people have been having so far. Lots of inches are being shed as the fat is melting away. A few of you have mentioned headaches and fatigue. Give it time, but the fatigue will go away. Your body spent 30-40 years of using refined carbs as an energy source. Now that you’re eating lean protein and veggies, your body is now using YOUR FAT as an energy source (hence the lost weight). While it’s going through this transition, you will feel tired.

As for headaches, there could be a couple reasons. You may be drinking too much water. For men, no more than 3.5-4 liters a day. For women, no more than 2.5-3 liters a day. Another possibility is lack of sodium. Because you’re not eating bread and other grains, and you’re exercising (sweat is salty), your diet may be lacking in salt. So, feel free to add some table salt to your food to increase this essential mineral.

One more thing – Paleo desserts are still desserts. Just because something is considered “Paleo”, doesn’t mean you should eat an unlimited supply of it. A Paleo muffin may not have white sugar or white flour in it, but the amount of calories it contains is still very high. Practice moderation. If you know you don’t have the will power to practice moderation, don’t make Paleo desserts.

Let me know how you’re doing in the comments!

2 responses to “Paleo cookies are still cookies

  • Chantal L.

    SO how does drinking too much water result in a headache? I’ve hear of over-hydration but I thought that only happened if a person would drink ridiculous amounts of water.

    And, if we do happen to eat a paleo cookie or muffin, is it considered a cheat? Let’s say I have ONE paleo muffin per week, would I need to highlight it?

  • Kevin

    Hyponatremia – too much water reduces sodium concentration in your blood, which results in headaches.

    That, added with very low sodium in your diet can lead to headaches.

    You do not need to mark them as cheats.

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