Paleo Challenge 2013

Let’s start the year off on the right foot. The holidays are tough (I know), so now is the perfect time to get your nutrition into (or back into) gear.

There will be a meeting on Sunday, Jan.13th at 7pm. We will cover EVERYTHING. The Challenge will begin on Jan 15th and run for 6 weeks.

Here’s the scoop…

Paleo = Meat, Fish, Eggs, Veggies, Nuts/Seeds, & Fruit – there are some foods on the fray that for some qualify as ‘paleo’ and for others not. You have to draw a line somewhere…

NOT Paleo = Grains, rices, breads, pastas, beans, soy, sugar & sweeteners (natural or unnatural), white flour, dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt), dried fruit (including dates), and basically anything that is processed / refined. I know there’s bound to be some questions on specifics so fire away below and we will do our best to answer.

Scoring (per day)
4 Points = Perfect Day, no cheats…not even a morsel…
3 Points = A tiny little slip up…it’s that little sip or little bite
2 Points = A portion of a meal was not Paleo…having a roll or beer with dinner
1 Point = A whole meal was not Paleo…beer with dinner & pizza
0 Points = More than a whole meal was not Paleo

Bonus Points
+1 = 8+ hours of sleep (lights out sleep, not in bed for 8 hours)
+1 = WOD at CFM or 10+ minutes of Mobility work (up to a maximum of 5 points/week)
+1 = 2+ liters of water consumed per day

How to Get Involved?

Signup starts now! All you need to do is write your name on the big board by the entrance (please write first and last names). The  registration fee for the challenge is $45 (includes a copy of ‘Practical Paleo’ by Diane Sanfilippo and a Food Journal). If you already have a copy, it will be $15.

How Do I Win?

GREAT QUESTION — first, you should try for as many 7 point days as possible. Second, improvement on your benchmark workouts will be considered. The individuals with the most drastic improvements and best overall scores will be considered for our prizes!

**For those who are interested, we will also have Rebecca Bilodeau (The Holistic Dietitian) at the gym on January 19 to do Body Composition tests. Please watch for the sign up sheet to be posted at the gym. Cost is $25.**



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