Are You Ready?!

Today is the last day before the big challenge starts. Here are some things you should do today in preparation (if you haven’t already):

Clean out your cupboards (and fridge) – Remove all temptation from your house. All the cereal, bread, crackers, artificial and natural sweeteners, potatoes, cookies, pudding, ice cream, bbq sauce, salad dressing, pasta, pre-packaged foods (canned soups, meats, frozen dinners, etc), peanut butter, jam, juice, pop, beer, and the list goes on. If it did not grow in a tree, in the ground or if it did not at one point swim, fly or run, it’s probably not included in the challenge. We’d like to think we have lots of self-control…unfortunately that’s not usually the case.

Go shopping – Fill your fridge and cupboards with tons of meat, fish, eggs, veggies, a little fruit and a few nuts/seeds. Get some spices to make things interesting and some good quality coconut oil to cook with.

Eat everything as you clean out your cupboards. If you binge on everything bad for you today it will make tomorrow that much harder.

***Don’t forget you must complete the 2 benchmark WODs before Friday. Both benchmarks will be done during one of your classes this week. Please let your coach know when you plan on doing them. Also remember to log your results on the first page of your journal***

Time to clean it out!

Time to clean it out!


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