Better Than Any NSAID

The article below was just posted yesterday on the Wheat Belly book website. It’s a quick story about how a woman went from being in constant pain from an accident to virtually pain free, all by changing her diet over to Paleo/wheat free. It’s amazing how food can affect us and we will only know exactly how it affects us once we take the step toward permanent change.

Have you noticed any differences in your own body feels since starting the Paleo Challenge? If so, what?

Click this link to read the article: Better than any NSAID



4 responses to “Better Than Any NSAID

  • Tania

    Great article. Thanks Joanna. I can’t believe the difference I feel in just a short period of time. Knock on wood, my stomach has been pain free for the full 2 weeks… the first time I ever remember being pain free in the last 10 years! So thankful to have found crossfit and this way of living! 🙂

  • TL

    I haven’t noticed any drastic changes but it is the little things. I used to have to wait hours after eating to go for a run or I would experience the worst side stitches ever, or I wold run on an empty stomach. Since changing my eating habits, I don’t worry about going for a run in the evening after eating supper.

    I have also noticed that I don’t get that “full, bloated” feeling after meals anymore which was probably the biggest adjustment. I used to eat ’til full capacity and now I don’t, I recognize satisfied without the bloat.

  • Jenn B

    Maybe I’m crazy but since I’ve been eating paleo, the biggest change I’ve noticed is that I am never bloated or gross-full. Which is a great feeling. A few other things I’ve noticed is how my skin is healthier almost, every morning pre-paleo I’d have such dark circles around my eyes – and thats been diminishing on a daily basis… Another thing, although I haven’t weighed myself- I have noticed a difference in my body since day 1 – weight doesn’t really matter to me – I just want to feel happy/healthy in my body and so far so good- I am definitely on the right track to success.

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