Experiment Results

Ok, here it is. I kept track of our grocery spending for the week and tabulated per serving approximately what everything costs.

All of the food displayed in the picture below cost us about $147.99. Now, here’s the breakdown of what that will make us for this week (Monday-Friday – 5 days).

Breakfast – 2 egg omelette for me 3 egg omelette for Kevin with a small amount of cheese and a banana. This works out to $2.70 per person per serving and we’ll have some eggs/cheese left over after the 5 days so probably even less than that.

Lunch – When we’re not eating leftovers from the big batch meals below our lunches this week are spinach salads with turkey breast and bacon. We’ll get approx. 6 servings from this (or 3 days of lunches for the 2 of us) for $4.17 per person per serving.

Supper/Big Batch – For this week my big batch meals are stew, meatza and a chicken stir-fry. Each are broken down below:

Stew – 1 batch will make 7 servings – it works out to $3.67 per serving.
Meatza – 1 batch will make 6 servings – it works out to $3.28 per serving.
Chicken Stir-fry – 1 batch will make 4-5 servings – it works out to $5.16-$6.45 per serving.

Snacks – Greek yogurt and blueberries – anywhere from 9-12 servings depending on size works out to $1.08-$1.44 per serving. Also some apples and dried mango slices, approx. 10-11 servings for about $1.57 per serving.

We didn’t need to buy any nuts this week and I didn’t include things like spices that most people would already have at home. If you needed these things obviously the cost would go up, but only marginally. I think this was pretty successful in proving that eating healthy is not more expensive than eating crap. You can’t go to a fast food place and get a meal combo for less than the per serving prices above. If you’re smart about your shopping and have a plan eating healthy is easy, inexpensive and the benefits of eating real quality foods are SO worth the work/time.

So, there you have it. Eating paleo doesn’t have to be expensive after all.





5 responses to “Experiment Results

  • Chantal L.



  • Tania

    That’s great! Thanks for the breakdown!

  • Helen

    So ok to have greek yogurt and cheese?

  • Jo

    For the purpose of the challenge you should try to eliminate dairy. Small amounts are allowed however (ie milk in your 1 coffee/day)
    Also, you will only know how dairy (or any food) affects your body if you eliminate it for a period of time. After the challenge if you re-introduce these things back in your diet ad you notice any negative effects you should probably avoid it. If you don’t notice any negative effects you are probably ok to have it once and a while. We have eliminated dairy from our diets in the past and re-introduced plain Greek yogurt in small amounts and found no negative side effects so its something we allow ourselves to have now and then.( We do not eat flavoured yogurt that comes full of sugar.) Same with the cheese, and we’re only talking an ounce or so in an omelette. We’re not eating an block of cheese a day or anything like that.

  • Crystal

    So true! I actually noticed my grocery bill go down since starting this (after I got all my oils and spices). Thanks for the breakdown Jo and even some meal ideas. 🙂

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