Paleo Perks

A member participating in the challenge sent us an email recently to let us know some of the positive things they have experienced so far since changing their diet. They were kind enough to let us share their thoughts with all of you. Is there anything you can add to this list?

1.       I can breathe out of both nostrils at the same time.
2.       No more lows in the day, with burning eyes and big yawns.
3.       A smaller ass.
4.       Better sleep, and according to my better half, less snoring.  Maybe because of #1.
5.       Increased energy.
6.       Much better food in my fridge and on my plate.  Lots of new recipes.
7.       No hunger between meals.  In fact, I am eating less than before the Paleo Challenge, but I feel way more satisfied.
8.       Clear skin and eyes.
9.       I’m not certain, but I am pretty sure I am thinking more clearly.  That one is up for debate!

Keep up the great progress everyone! I hope you are all experiencing some of these or other benefits of eating clean.

You are all well on your way down the road to creating good habits!

You are all well on your way down the road to creating good habits!


One response to “Paleo Perks

  • Chantal L.

    I find #9 very relevant… When I’m not strict on paleo and decide to have a non paleo food item at work, all my mind is set on afterwards is the craving for more and can barely concentrate and focus on work. Then I get home and feel like nothing was accomplished in my day – horrible feeling to have!

    PS this member must be a girl,,, re: comment # 3 he he!

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