2 Days to go!

We’re down to the final stretch Paleo peeps! 2 days left in the challenge.

Just a couple reminders:

– Your benchmarks will need to be done by Thursday. Please log your results in your book on the first page where your initial results are also written. As at the start of the challenge the 2 benchmarks will be one of your classes this week, please let your coach know at the beginning of class that you will be doing the Paleo benchmarks. You will do WU x2 followed by the benchmarks (no strength) I’d recommend doing them in the same order you did the first time and use the same KB weight. I believe most started with the burpee/KBS rested and then did the row. In case you’ve forgotten, the benchmarks are:



2000m Row

– Please add up your total points per day and write it at the top of each page before handing in your journals. You can hand in your journals starting on Wednesday. The winners of the challenge will be announced on Monday.

– Body Composition tests are happening again this Saturday March 2. There will be a sign up sheet at the gym. If all Saturday times are taken we will add a Sunday session. If you had one done at the start of the challenge you should definitely do it again this weekend.


That's how it should be!

That’s how it should be!

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