Wondering how you can get that mobility bonus point on the days you’re not doing a WOD?

You can go to THIS PAGE on the MobilityWOD website. Any of the ‘community MWOD videos’ are free for anyone to watch, the PRO videos require a subscription. You can do any of the videos listed (there are many pages of them) just note in your journal which episode you did. You can also search Mobility WOD on YouTube.

As another source for ideas you can go to THIS PAGE on the CFM site and choose any of the movements listed and accumulate 10 minutes of stretching.
Another option is if you want to invest in a lacrosse ball (we have some at the gym for $4) or foam roller (try Fit Works, Spartan or sometimes Winners) you can also get your point if you spend 10 minutes doing lacrosse ball and/or foam roller work.
Coming to Monday’s mobility class would also count.

Remember to note in your journal which Mob WOD episode, stretches from the CFM site or lacrosse ball/foam rolling you did.

Now, who’s gonna go get a mobility bonus point today?

Become a supple leopard

Become a supple leopard


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