You Are Not Perfect…

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You are amazing. Seriously. Believe it. Now. Say it out loud: “I am amazing.”

You are not perfect. You will never be perfect. Perfect does not exist. Do you know what this means? Freedom! You no longer have to chase perfectionism. The entire world is filled with imperfections. Your imperfections are what make you unique. They make you special. They make you, you.

The world loves you. You are surrounded by love. If someone makes fun of you, they are either joking and just want a good laugh (who doesn’t?!) or they are serious because they don’t have their happiness hat on in that moment. No one will make fun of someone without joking while wearing their happiness hat.

You are not perfect. You are amazing.

You are alive! Take a few deep breaths. Isn’t it amazing that while reading the words on your screen you were able to breathe without even thinking about it? And if you want, you can breathe consciously. Walking is the same way. You don’t have to think about putting one foot in front of the other in order to walk. You just walk. It’s automatic. But you can consciously walk too. Try it. Barefoot. Focus on your legs. Feel all your muscles moving. Squeeze your booty. Fun, eh?

Do you believe? Believing is the first step. If you believe that you are amazing then you are. If you believe that you can do anything then you can. If you don’t believe then action won’t follow.

Instead of sitting on the sidelines, get in the game. Once you’re in, you must take action. You must do something, anything. You will fail. This is a good thing. As a baby you first learned to crawl. You became an expert at it. Then you tried to walk. You stood up, took a step and then fell down. Uh oh! But you never quit. Next time you took 2 steps. Then three. You kept falling. But you never stopped trying. Eventually, you learned how to walk without even thinking about how to do it. All those baby steps added up to success.

If you forever believe that you are amazing (it’s the cold hard truth) then you will not be afraid of failure. You may not know what you want. That’s OK. Take action. Follow your heart. Life is a journey full of uncertainties. Full of imperfections. These imperfections are what make it beautiful.

You are not perfect. You are amazing


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