Last Week of the Challenge

There is only 1 more week of the Paleo Challenge! The official end is next Friday Oct 25 at 11:59pm.

We are offering the Body Composition tests again next weekend Oct 26 and 27, there is a sign up sheet at the gym. Cost is $25 and must be paid before your name goes on the list. If you had it done before the challenge you’ll definitely want to do it again post challenge to see how your numbers may have changed.

Benchmark WODs will also need to be repeated sometime between Monday and Friday next week. Same as last time, register as normal for your class and let the coach know when you arrive that you’ll be doing the Paleo WODs. You will have the whole class to warm up and get both benchmarks done. Rest as needed in between and make sure you record your score in your Paleo Journals.

Even though this is the last week for the challenge itself I hope that rather than looking at it as an end you look at it as a beginning to continuing the good habits you’ve established over the last few weeks. What new habits have you formed in the last few weeks? What do you think you’ll continue to do after the challenge is over?

You are all well on your way down the road to creating good habits!

You are all well on your way down the road to creating good habits!


One response to “Last Week of the Challenge

  • Valerie Arseneau

    I was already eating mainly paleo for over a year and half but one thing I did learn is I don’t need all that sugar! Found some really good sugar free desserts during the challenge and I plan to keep making them to reduce my sugar intake.

    The only negative effect of the challenge is I replaced my sugar addiction with coffee. I managed to take out coffee out of my routine for over 2 years. Only taking the occasion weekend coffee. I noticed I’ve been taking more coffees lately as a treat since sugar wasn’t an option. Oops… lol

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