Last Day of the Challenge

Well this is it. The last full day of the Paleo Challenge.

We hope that you’ve all gained something from the last 6 weeks. Whether it’s a new outlook on food and nutrition, a smaller waist size, new PRs in the gym or just some yummy recipes. You have all put in a lot of time and effort into changing the way you eat and you should be proud of yourselves for stepping up and joining the challenge.

Just because the challenge is coming to an end our hope is that you will all at least take away some good habits and maybe even change your lifestyle for good. We have seen first hand how living this kind of Paleo/Primal lifestyle can change people for the better. With every challenge we do people see huge changes in themselves, and at the end of every challenge we are blown away by the progress.

The longer you adopt this way of eating the easier it becomes. It really is a challenge for the first little while but after a period of time you will one day realize that you’re not even thinking about it anymore, that this is just the way it is. The cravings fade, you forget there is a bread aisle in the grocery store and you will no longer know where the canned or boxed anything is. Your body will thank you.

Huge congratulations to all of you for sticking it out, pushing through the ups and down, cravings and strange Paleo nightmares. We thank you all for participating and allowing us to introduce this lifestyle to you.

Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar – You’ve been doing it for 6 weeks and we hope you continue! This may be the end of the challenge but it’s just the beginning of the rest of your Paleo life.

Who's going to continue with Paleo after today?

Who’s going to continue with Paleo after today?


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